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Robert S.

Dr. Olaya has been wonderful to listen, advise, and help with relief of my back and knee pain. I would highly recommend him to any patient in need of pain management.

James H.

I fell and hurt my back in December 2021. I started having excruciating pain in February. I saw my PC and he sent me to Baptist Rehabilitation. Three months of stretching and working it out and my back was getting worse. My PC sent me to Prestige Spine and received 3 injections into my spine. This gave me a little relief for about three days.

A friend came by my house and saw the pain I was in and recommended Dr. Olaya. I set up the surgery and the difference was felt as I walked out the door. Sore from the staples in my back but a noticeable difference in how I could walk like a normal person. It has been six weeks and I am teaching tennis again. I get sore after four straight hours but the difference is amazing. I have been teaching tennis for forty six years and thought I was done. I’m back and starting to feel like my old self. For the past year I couldn’t sleep, heck I couldn’t even sit without being in great pain. I was taking 2000 milligrams of extra strength Tylenol and ibuprofen along with gavapantin for the nerve pain. I am taking a couple of Tylenol every once in a while but it has basically gone away.

Thank you everyone at Dr. Olaya’s.

Sherrie R.

My pain care experience with Dr. Olaya was simply excellent. You couldn’t ask for better health care services than what I received from him and his clinic.

I was recently in the emergency room due to the worst low back pain and spasm that I have ever experienced. The ER doctor advised me to consult with a pain management specialist. After doing my research and talking to others, I consulted with Dr. Olaya. He immediately got me into his office and treated me for the acute episode I was experiencing. He then took the time to explain how my 20+ years of low back issues coupled with scoliosis resulted in my current state of stenosis, pain, spasms and limited mobility.

In addition to reviewing my treatment options, Dr. Olaya informed me of my prognosis if I did not seek further treatment. Choosing to have back surgery or any lower back procedure was not a decision I took lightly. But with knowledge in hand and Dr. Olaya’s expertise, I know that I needed to take action. And I’m so glad I did! Dr. Olaya handled my surgical procedure with great care and compassion.

If you’re experiencing pain for whatever reason, I highly recommend Dr. Olaya and his team based on my experience and results. I can now resume my normal activities of working, maintaining the home, shopping and exercising. My sleeping situation has also improved because I can now lie on my back or on either side to sleep. What a relief! I wish I’d had the procedure done sooner.

Gwen W.

Dr. Olaya seems to really care about helping with your pain instead of rushing you in and out like cattle. The staff is also very nice and patient to help.

Deanna G.

Dr. Olaya is very professional and takes great care of his patients.

Barbara D.

I always found Dr. Olaya to be very caring which is way more than most doctors in the pain management field!

Julie B.

Dr. Olaya is caring and kind and VERY experienced. I went to him for unrelenting back pain and 2 thoracic epidural shots. Later the pain was gone and stayed gone for almost 2 years now. I tell everyone I run into that has pain to go see him.